OSLO, Norway – Simplifai, a leader in AI Automation Solutions specifically for the insurance and banking sectors, announced the successful completion of a significant funding round led by Idékapital. This Norwegian investor specializes in supporting B2B software and technology companies with aspirations for global growth. Simplifai has recently developed a revolutionary product, InsuranceGPT, which is acclaimed as the first insurance-specific generative AI, enhancing communication and automating end-to-end business processes. Krisztina Horvath of Idékapital expressed excitement over Simplifai’s AI-driven value proposition and global expansion potential. Simplifai CEO Bård Myrstad welcomed Idékapital’s expertise and foresaw accelerated growth and substantial industry impact with their backing. Simplifai’s AI solutions, known for reducing operational costs and customer churn while improving satisfaction, are founded on the robust capabilities of InsuranceGPT. The company has a global footprint with offices in Oslo, Pune, the Netherlands, and Ukraine.

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