Wayve, a London-based firm pioneering in embodied artificial intelligence for autonomous driving systems, has announced securing about £850 million in a Series C funding round. This substantial capital infusion is led by SoftBank Group, with significant contributions from NVIDIA and Microsoft. Embodied AI is posited as the next wave of AI revolution, extending beyond current generative models and deep learning frameworks. Touted as a radical change to machine interactions and learning experiences from humans in dynamic real-world situations, Wayve’s technology aims to enable vehicles and robots to navigate unpredictable scenarios, enhancing safety and reliability in autonomous driving. Founded in 2017, Wayve has become notable for being the first to develop a complete AI-driven autonomous driving system tested on public roads. The company’s innovation rests on foundational autonomy models, similar to general-purpose language models, but for driving. These models are designed to grant any vehicle the capability to understand its surroundings and navigate various environments reliably. Wayve’s AI-driven models are hardware-independent and designed for mapless navigation. In addition to its core technology, Wayve has a range of other tech advancements, such as fleet learning and simulations, which enhance their models through both simulated and real-world data. Alex Kendall, the co-founder and CEO, underlined the ambition to not only make this technology a reality in millions of vehicles but also to ensure public trust through seamless integration into daily life. SoftBank’s involvement is further solidified with Kentaro Matsui joining Wayve’s board. UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak also praised Wayve’s achievements, linking the investment to the UK’s legacy and burgeoning status as an AI power, while highlighting the economic initiatives driving technological innovation across the nation.

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Wayve picks up £850m to accelerate automated driving