We Connect The Dots (WCTD), a non-profit organization focused on promoting STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) careers, announced the significant appointment of Ron Koenig to its Board of Directors. Koenig, a revered leader with over two decades of experience in technology and operational strategies, has held key positions across several major financial institutions, including Merrill Lynch Clearing and Thomson Reuters. He has also made significant contributions to renewable energy project financing in the U.S. WCTD founder Laurie Carey expresses confidence in Koenig’s ability to support the nonprofit’s expansion and mission. His role is expected to strengthen WCTD’s impact on communities across New York State by contributing his expertise to the board, particularly as a secretary committed to fostering growth and ensuring organizational success. Koenig’s appointment is celebrated as a reinforcement to WCTD’s initiatives in equipping individuals with essential 21st-century skills and promoting career accomplishments in STEAM fields.

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