On May 6, 2024, USI Insurance Services, a global leader in risk management, employee benefit, and retirement plan consulting, announced its acquisition of Hignojos Insurance Agency, an independent brokerage based in Odessa, Texas. Hignojos Insurance Agency, established in 2009, specializes in commercial and personal risk insurance programs. Although the financial terms were not disclosed, the acquisition signifies USI’s strategic expansion within Texas. Louis Hignojos Sr., Principal of the Hignojos Insurance Agency, expressed enthusiasm for joining USI, emphasizing the continued local and personalized services for clients along with USI’s innovative suite of solutions. USI’s Regional CEO, John Collado, also commented on the merger, looking forward to leveraging the USI ONE Advantage—a platform integrating proprietary client solutions with a nationwide resource network—to deliver enhanced results to clients. USI is renowned for connecting over 10,000 professionals across more than 200 offices, addressing local to international client needs by utilizing the USI ONE Advantage. The platform is a testament to USI’s industry position, attracting top talent and investing deeply in local communities. The acquisition is expected to offer both existing and new clients access to an expanded array of services while endorsing USI’s commitment to growth and client-centric expertise.

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