Payfederate, an innovative force within AI-driven compensation management, recently announced the strategic appointment of Larry Dunivan to its Board of Directors. Dunivan is an accomplished HR Tech leader with a commendable history at Ceridian, Namely, and Mineral, where his roles have spanned multiple executive functions, deeply rooted in both product vision and revenue generation. Bringing unparalleled expertise to Payfederate, Dunivan’s track record promises to enhance the company’s focus on utilizing AI for equitable and transparent compensation practices. CEO Boyd Davis sees Dunivan’s addition as a boon, citing his previous successes and keen insight as valuable tools for mentoring the leadership team. This appointment aligns with Payfederate’s commitment to leveraging AI technologies to drive pay fairness, and it arrives at a critical juncture when pay transparency is increasingly at the forefront of corporate governance. The company, under the guidance of founders Boyd Davis and Barkat Ali, aims to bolster critical pay structures that meet the demands of today’s workforce and to fulfill their vision of transformative compensation management. Payfederate’s mission is further substantiated by Dunivan’s statement, highlighting the impactful possibility of AI in reshaping compensation fairness and stating his selective decision to contribute to this promising venture. Payfederate continues to lay the groundwork for its growth by building a strong presence on social media platforms including Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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