Montana Technologies Corp. has announced the appointment of Mr. Kyle Derham, a Partner at Rice Investment Group, to its Board of Directors, joining an esteemed group of professionals with wide-ranging expertise. The Board features individuals such as the new Chairman, Pat Eilers, and veterans from various sectors including government, energy, and technology. The company’s CEO expressed optimism about the impact of the Board’s diverse skills set on Montana’s ambitions to deploy AirJoule technology worldwide. AirJoule, aimed at providing low-cost cooling and pure water from air, positions Montana as a key player in addressing global water scarcity. Leveraging international partnerships, including a joint venture with GE Vernova, collaboration with Carrier Global, and ventures with BASF and CATL, Montana is poised to scale its AirJoule technology globally, catering to rising demands for clean water and air conditioning services.

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