The food and beverage industry, including organized food retail, is experiencing a surge in mergers and acquisitions, with Avramar, a leading fish farming enterprise, at the center of potential acquisition talks. Creditor banks aim to finalize Avramar’s acquisition during the summer, although there is some skepticism about the viability of this outcome. Over the previous two years, inflation has obscured company performances, with 2022 seeing decreased profits due to elevated costs, while 2023 brought about improved profits for many, resulting from price increases and cost reductions. The anticipated stabilization of prices is projected to allow for more transparent company valuations, which is beneficial to investors seeking acquisitions. This environment is also expected to soften the demands of potential sellers. A significant influence in this M&A landscape is exercised by both domestic and international investment funds, as well as holding companies with food-related interests, given their respective stages in the business life cycle.

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