Miura Partners, a private equity firm, has recently initiated the launch of Dent&Co, a strategic move designed to bolster Proclinic Group’s development and expansion in the dental industry. This effort by Miura Partners aims to enhance Proclinic’s market position and drive the company into a new growth phase. The launch of Dent&Co signifies a milestone in Proclinic’s journey, as it seeks to benefit from the added support in terms of resources, strategic insights, and financial backing. The initiative represents Miura Partners’ commitment to fostering growth and delivering value within its portfolio companies. As Proclinic Group embarks on this new chapter, the focus will be on expanding its reach, innovating its product offerings, and potentially engaging in mergers and acquisitions to consolidate its market share. Dent&Co will serve as the cornerstone of these ambitions, providing the structure and aid necessary for Proclinic to navigate the competitive landscape of the dental sector and achieve its strategic goals.

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