Niyyah, an educational app designed for Muslims to engage with the Quran, has successfully raised $2 million in a funding round led by consumer, edtech, and faith-focused investors like Venrex and Cur8 Capital. The app, which recently debuted its new branding, aims to integrate the teachings of the Quran into users’ daily routines through bite-sized content, personalization, gamification, and AI advancements. With a global Muslim population of two billion, many of whom struggle to consistently connect with their faith, Niyyah offers a unique solution to help believers understand and apply the wisdom of their holy book in a practical manner. In just one year, Niyyah has garnered 20,000 users across 70 countries and reached over one million individuals with its content. The app’s purpose is underscored by the importance of intention, as its name ‘Niyyah’ signifies in Arabic. Investors see this as a substantial opportunity owing to the sizable global Muslim market and Niyyah’s potential to become a digital leader in faith-based education.

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Niyyah raises $2m to transform how billions engage with the Quran