Triton announced the strategic combination of its portfolio companies Assemblin and Caverion into the new Assemblin Caverion Group, aiming to create a market leader in the Northern European technical service and installation sector. With an expected annual turnover of EUR 3.8 billion and a collective workforce of circa 21,900 employees, the merger promises to strengthen the companies’ leadership, offering a comprehensive range of services across ten countries. This move follows a history of nearly 20 years of successful investments in the sector by Triton. The merger focuses on sustainability, market responsiveness, and employee value proposition. Leaders from both Assemblin and Caverion will form the new executive team, with Mats Johansson appointed as Group CEO and Jacob Gtzsche as Executive Chairman. The merger, which awaits legal closure in April, is poised to capitalize on market trends such as the need for energy efficiency, automation, and addressing aging European infrastructure. Triton anticipates leveraging its expertise and knowledge to guide the merger towards becoming a future-oriented business.

“Mergers and Acquisitions”, “Technical Services”, “Facilities Management”,”Northern Europe”, “Sweden”, “Finland”