The Healthcare Technology Report has honored OrthAlign CEO Eric Timko as one of the Top 25 Medical Device Executives of 2024, acknowledging his considerable experience and outstanding leadership in the medical device industry. Timko’s career features more than three decades of contributions to the sector, including his tenure at Blue Belt Technologies where he led the company to hit $10 million in revenues post-commercialization and guided the firm to its acquisition by Smith and Nephew. As the Chairman and CEO of OrthAlign since 2017, Timko has been instrumental in the company’s exponential growth, boasting over $50 million in annual revenue and maintaining a 20% annual growth rate for seven consecutive years. Under his leadership, OrthAlign has seen wide adoption, with usage in over 325,000 patient cases, evidencing Timko’s capacity to navigate the complex medical device landscape, leading to his recognition as a pivotal figure in the industry’s ongoing expansion, projected to reach revenues of $511 billion by 2024 according to Statista.

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