CVC Capital Partners plc, renowned for its influence in the private markets, has initiated a decisive strategic move with the activation of three new investment funds as of 3 May 2024. These funds – Europe / Americas Fund IX, Asia VI, and Strategic Opportunities III – slated for mid-2024 activation, have been launched ahead of schedule in response to the escalating pace of deployment activities. Significantly, the Europe / Americas Fund IX, accruing a monumental 26.8 billion 1 – the largest private equity fund ever assembled on a global scale – along with the $6.8 billion 2 Asia VI, which is over 50% larger than its preceding fund, are set to commence charging management fees based on committed capital. This development coincides with a transition for the predecessor funds, Fund VIII and Asia V, which will now charge management fees at a reduced rate on the capital that has been actively invested, reflecting a step-down in fees as per established investment procedures. Unlike its counterparts, the Strategic Opportunities fund has a different management fee structure, where fees are consistently calculated as a percentage of invested capital, not subjected to a similar step-down policy after the investment phase.

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