Jaguar Growth Partners, a private real estate equity firm, has made its first foray into the U.S. market, specifically targeting New York City. The firm teamed up with Vinci Partners and PEAK Capital Advisors to acquire a portfolio of multi-family buildings, valued at a combined $24 million, which includes both purchase price and redevelopment costs. This strategic move was led by Thomas McDonald, Managing Partner and Head of Americas at Jaguar, and is positioned as a response to the burgeoning housing demand driven by demographic shifts in New York City. The deal signifies Jaguar’s entry into the U.S. and is part of a broader investment strategy leveraging Latin American institutional capital.

Stemming from the unique market opportunity presented by a scarcity of newly developed, highly renovated units in premium neighborhoods, Jaguar’s acquisitions aim to satisfy the housing needs of young professionals desiring the amenities of New York. The acquisitions mark the company’s larger vision of executing programmatic investment ventures involving both equity and debt in real estate. Depicting confidence in the U.S. and New York City markets, Jaguar anticipates leveraging its extensive experience and relationships to trigger additional investments.

Jaguar Growth Partners, standing since 2013 and headquartered in Miami, taps into a global landscape, operating in concert with local partners and institutional investors, to enhance both asset and enterprise value. Vinci Partners boasts expertise in diverse investment sectors and offers a deep roster of financial advisory services, while PEAK Capital Advisors brings vertical integration and a history of delivering above-market returns on its real estate ventures.

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