Supremex Inc., a North American leader in the envelope manufacturing and paper-based packaging solutions sector, has successfully acquired Forest Envelope Group for a cash-free, debt-free total consideration of around US$1.8 million. This acquisition was financed through Supremex’s existing credit facilities, entailing the transfer of assets from Forest Envelope, which is celebrated for over four decades of manufacturing specialty envelopes in the Greater Chicago area. Stewart Emerson, Supremex’s President and CEO, highlighted the acquisition’s strategic fit within the company’s current U.S. Midwest operations, citing Forest Envelope’s reputation for quality products and customer service excellence. The integration process, which is expected to unfold smoothly over the following 90 days, involves merging Forest Envelope’s activities into Supremex’s nearby facilities in Naperville and Chicago. This move is predicted to result in substantial synergies within Supremex’s U.S. Envelope division, increase capacity, and diversify product offerings for customers. Supremex boasts a solid presence in North America with sixteen manufacturing sites spread across Canada and the United States, sustaining employment for about 1,000 individuals. The strategic expansion through the Forest Envelope acquisition is anticipated to enhance the company’s standing in the market, delivering value-added services and wider reach in product distribution to national, multinational, and various other client segments.

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