FMC GlobalSat has completed the strategic acquisition of Anuvu’s Maritime, Enterprise, and Government connectivity businesses (MEG), further entrenching its position as a significant player in the satellite and wireless connectivity market. Anuvu, renowned for its industry-leading satellite network integration services with a history of over 30 years, aims to retain its Maritime Entertainment business unit. While headquartered in the United States, Anuvu has operational bases across multiple continents, including Brazil, Spain, and Norway, strengthening FMC’s industrial and geographical portfolio.

FMC’s CEO, Emmanuel Cotrel, expressed his positive vision for the integrated capabilities and projected growth, citing the growing demand for data via networks such as 5G, terrestrial fiber, and Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite systems. Anuvu’s existing clientele and infrastructure, well-aligned with FMC’s vision of network convergence, are anticipated to propel FMC towards innovation and sustained market dominance.

Joshua Marks, CEO of Anuvu, endorsed the acquisition, highlighting the focal direction both companies will pursue in their respective domains. Anuvu will concentrate on advancing its inflight connectivity and entertainment services, while FMC will continue to innovate within the maritime, energy, and government connectivity sector. The acquisition sees the revitalization of the MTN brand under FMC’s guardianship.

Established in 2017, FMC GlobalSat is revered for pioneering converged connectivity solutions, integrating satellite and wireless technologies. It’s comprehensive service offerings – including SD-Wan, VPN, MPLS, SCPC, and optimized data traffic routes – are supported by Tier 1 carriers and a 24/7 global technical support organization. This move is poised to enhance both companies’ capabilities in delivering high-quality broadband and M2M connectivity solutions to a global clientele.

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