Menlo Ventures has announced its investment in Mimic, a company emerging from stealth mode as a next-generation anti-ransomware solution for enterprises. With the increasing frequency and severity of ransomware attacks in 2023, as evidenced by costly incidents at Change Healthcare and MGM Grand, there is a pressing market demand for dedicated prevention and protection solutions. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) mandates that companies report significant ransomware attacks and disclose their cyber management protocols annually, highlighting the shift from luxury to necessity for robust cybersecurity measures. Legacy market solutions are often broad with add-on ransomware modules or outdated systems that take substantial time to resolve breaches. In contrast, Mimic offers a modern, sophisticated solution designed to quickly detect, deflect, and recover from ransomware attacks, utilizing high-fidelity ransomware data and deterministic analysis to reduce false positives while employing server-based defenses. The leadership of Mimic includes cybersecurity veterans Derek Smith, CEO, and Bob Blakley, Chief Product Officer, who bring extensive industry expertise to the venture. Smith, a serial entrepreneur with successful ventures and advisory roles in both the private sector and U.S. Department of Defense, is known for his focus, drive, and execution skills. Blakley contributes his operational and technical acumen, drawn from senior roles at Citi and investment firm Team8. With this investment, Menlo Ventures continues to build its portfolio in the cybersecurity sector, reinforcing the firm’s commitment to securing enterprise software and infrastructure.

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