UK startup Made With Intent has successfully raised £1.5 million in seed funding to challenge traditional eCommerce strategies with a people-focused approach. The funding round was led by Mercuri, supported by Portfolio Ventures and previous investors from Haatch. Founded by David Mannheim, Made With Intent aims to address a critical flaw in online retail which prioritizes conversion metrics over genuine customer engagement, fostering a ‘race to the bottom’ mentality. Instead, Mannheim’s vision pivots towards a nuanced understanding of customer behavior, embodied in their new product that provides a predictive targeting capability for marketing technologies, allowing for real-time response to customer needs. A reported 9.4% average revenue uplift over generic optimization strategies has been observed using Made With Intent’s method. The beta version of their product has already aligned major retailers, including Ernest Jones and Rapha, with more predictive buying behaviors. Rapha’s head of digital experience, Nik Fletcher, praises the platform for its insightful analysis of customer intent. The company’s roadmap is set to expand integrations with over 40 marketing tools, extending its reach beyond eCommerce teams, aiming to secure 100 global customers within the next two years.

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Made With Intent nets £1.5m to disrupt eCommerce