Versaterm, an industry leader in public safety solutions, has announced its acquisition of Mindbase, a specialized mental health platform dedicated to the wellbeing of first responders. The acquisition aims to bolster the support systems available to public safety personnel by incorporating Mindbase’s confidential and data-driven wellness offerings into Versaterm’s already robust public safety ecosystem. Mindbase’s platform is designed from the ground up by experienced first responders, mental health professionals, and public safety software experts. Its mainbenefit resides in the ability to proactively detect the wellbeing needs of personnel and simultaneously maintain confidentiality through its integration with various operational systems data. First responders can leverage the single always-on application to access personalized learning content, mental health, and fitness tracking, as well as support networks and clinical resources. This acquisition is in line with Versaterm’s customer-centric growth strategy, focusing on integrated and improved workflows leading to more effective public safety outcomes. Founded in 1977, Versaterm has been evolving as a comprehensive ecosystem contributor to public safety, aiming to enhance community safety by synergizing integrations across different facets of public safety operations. Warren Loomis, President and CEO of Versaterm, expressed that the addition of Mindbase aligns with their mission to support first responders resiliently. Corey Roberts of Mindbase highlighted the advantage of incorporating technology to support the emotional demands of first responder work, noting that the collaboration will heighten their capabilities to develop resilient work environments for essential service teams.

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