Saviynt, underpinned by private equity firm Carrick Capital Partners, appoints Sanjeevi Kumar as Sales Lead for India, mirroring the company’s ambition to fortify its position in the burgeoning Indian digital security market. This move follows a timeline of affirming growth indicators, including heightened revenues and a focus on research and development within the region. Kumar’s hire channels a substantial tenure in technology sales, promising a tactical enhancement of Saviynt’s market strategies amid India’s aspiration to become a global economic leader. Saviynt, celebrated for its cloud-native identity and governance solutions, is strategically situated to meld into India’s digital architecture. Kumar emphasizes identity management’s pivotal role in India’s complex security topography and is set to drive Saviynt’s growth, partnerships, and sectoral footprint. The narrative also delves into Saviynt’s core values, innovation objectives, and vision to proffer secured digital transitions for enterprises.

Cloud-based Identity & Governance Solutions, Private Equity,India, United States