Nécessaire, led by co-founder and CEO Randi Christiansen, represents a paradigm shift in the personal care sector. Eschewing virtue signaling for tangible achievements, the B Corp Certified company has ingrained a deep commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. Beyond eco-friendly operations, Christiansen has engineered a brand where aesthetics and ethics intersect, aligning with her Danish ethos of simplicity and quality. From a modest start at a WeWork station, Nécessaire has expanded its product lineup while maintaining its core principles. The brand emphasizes product quality over marketing, earning customers’ trust and critical acclaim, including the CEW’s Visionary Award and recognition from Goldman Sachs. Christiansen’s journey commenced unexpectedly at Estée Lauder, where she navigated through various roles, including La Mer strategy and the Presidential Management Program. These formative experiences afforded insights crucial to both brand-building and business operations. With a 25-strong team now in place, Christiansen focuses on steering Nécessaire toward continual growth without compromising on its foundational values. Her advice to aspiring entrepreneurs highlights the importance of a clear vision, humility in learning, and securing expert guidance. Complementing her professional narrative, Christiansen’s responses to a personalized Proust Questionnaire offer glimpses into her values, fears, and the simple joys that ground her life philosophy.

Personal Care & Beauty, Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR),United States