Crimson Tide, a company specializing in the process management application mpro5, announced the appointment of Phil Meyers as the new CEO. Meyers, who became COO in August 2023, comes with extensive experience in IoT and process management, including senior positions at Inmarsat Global and BlackBerry. mpro5, Crimson Tide’s flagship app, simplifies complex jobs and workflows into effective, compliant processes and is used by renowned customers such as Tesco, Morrisons, and the NHS. Meyers aims to continue the company’s trajectory of global expansion and innovation, having already gained the confidence of the board and staff. His appointment signifies the company’s drive for growth and the adaptation of modern process management technologies. Founder and chair Barrie Whipp has expressed strong support for Meyers, underscoring his capability to stimulate growth and inspire new developments within the company.

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New CEO appointed at Crimson Tide