Summa Equity has taken a strategic step by acquiring a majority stake in FAST LTA, a German firm revered for its robust solutions in data storage and archiving. FAST LTA, valued with a revenue of EUR 25 million in 2023, has established itself as a key player in the cybersecurity sphere, with specialized offerings catering to the requirements of industries handling sensitive data. The Munich-based company, which boasts a workforce of approximately 100, is set to continue its prosperous growth under the Summa umbrella, fueled by a EUR 2.3 billion Article 9 Fund. This move exemplifies a larger investment trend focusing on tech-enabled transformations that not only promise sound financial returns but also aim to address global challenges tied to cyberattacks and data protection. With the acquisition, Summa aspires to expand FAST LTA’s market reach and bolster its position as a preeminent provider of secure and compliant storage solutions. The deal stands out for its alignment with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, specifically targeting responsible innovation that harmonizes data security needs with environmental responsibility. It crystallizes the rising importance of tech investments that prioritize both security imperatives and sustainability concerns. The acquisition is anticipated to receive regulatory clearance and be completed by June.

Cybersecurity, Private Equity, Data Storage Solutions, Environmental Sustainability,Germany, Sweden