PlaqueTec, a MedTech company focusing on coronary artery disease (CAD), has successfully raised £6.4 million in equity financing in a round headed by Lord Moynihan of Chelsea and the Future Fund, backed by existing stakeholders. The Cambridge-based enterprise plans to allocate the injection of capital towards its BIOPATTERN trial which aims at advancing the understanding of CAD pathobiology, recognizing that it manifests distinctly across patients. Additionally, the investment will facilitate the development of BIOCARTA, a novel biomarker discovery platform that combines in vivo biomarkers with diverse datasets such as plaque imaging, genomics, blood chemistry, and demographic data, to classify CAD endotypes with distinctive characteristics. PlaqueTec’s commitment to innovating patient care shines through their proprietary technology, the Liquid Biopsy System, central to their BIOPATTERN trial for sampling biomolecular indications of coronary plaque involvement. Chairman Martin Stapleton has acknowledged the significance of the continued investor support and the additional Future Fund capital. These developments signify a step closer to precision medicine for the millions affected by this global leading cause of death, addressing a severe unmet need within the medial realm.

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PlaqueTec raises £6.4m to target coronary artery disease