Jeff Haywood and Steve LeSieur, co-heads of healthcare investments at Spectrum Equity, have been named among the top health investors for 2024 by GrowthCap. The accolade acknowledges their substantial expertise and success in the healthcare investment domain, covering areas like software, services, medical technologies, and biotechnology. Their strategic investment style and operational value contributions have earned them the respect of industry peers. Haywood and LeSieur’s investment legacy includes board positions and pivotal roles in a series of successful healthcare transactions, such as GoodRx, Payer Compass, Net Health, and Definitive Healthcare, among others. Moreover, Haywood was affiliated with the investment and sale process of PWNHealth to Everlywell. Their strategic acumen and resultant success stories have significantly impacted the overall healthcare investment landscape. Spectrum Equity’s healthcare focus on internet-enabled software and data services drives high-growth opportunities across the healthcare spectrum. However, it’s important to note the recognition by GrowthCap involved a selection and promotion fee paid by Spectrum Equity, which indicates a degree of self-nomination and financial commitment to receive the accolade. The businesses mentioned in the accolade, while selected, do not encompass Spectrum Equity’s entire portfolio, and their past performance is not necessarily indicative of future success.

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