SIPP Industries, Inc. has achieved a strategic acquisition, obtaining revenue share in Calypso Pharmaceuticals, enhancing its position in the cannabis and hemp sectors. Calypso, a Texas-based innovator, is recognized for its high bioavailable products, including beverages, nasal sprays, and edibles employing water-soluble nano-emulsified technology. Their 95% bioavailability rate significantly outperforms typical market offerings. With manufacturing sites in Texas and Oklahoma City, Calypso is poised to influence both the medical marijuana and broader hemp markets. The integration with SIPP Industries aims to drive innovation, market breadth, and shareholder value. Meanwhile, the global cannabis market exhibits a robust growth projection, from $43.7 billion in 2022 to $444.3 billion by 2030. This strategic move anticipates enhancing SIPP Industries’ competitive edge and product development capabilities, with support from both companies’ leadership, expressing optimism for the acceleration of growth and innovation.

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