Oasis Security, a foremost Non-human Identity Management (NHIM) solutions provider, has successfully raised $35 million in a Series A Extension, co-led by Accel, Cyberstarts, and Sequoia Capital, doubling the company’s initial Series A valuation. This financial milestone comes quickly, just three months following the company’s emergence from stealth mode, bringing its total funding to $75 million to date. The extension occurs against the backdrop of accelerating cybersecurity threats, with Non-Human Identities becoming a prominent attack vector resulting in significant breaches, as reported by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s review of the Microsoft Online Exchange Incident. Oasis CEO, Danny Brickman, acknowledges this identity security crisis and highlights the company’s success in addressing market needs, attributing a surge in business growth to Oasis’s innovative approach to NHI governance. Oasis’s NHIM platform offers comprehensive management and security at the enterprise level, enabling customers to secure NHIs efficiently with agentless integration, analytics, and tailored remediation strategies. With the new funding secured, Oasis plans to intensify its R&D and expand its Go-To-Market strategy. This will accelerate product development and extend the reach of their revolutionary platform. Industry leaders Sequoia Capital, Accel, and Cyberstarts express strong confidence in the Oasis team, commending their foresight in identifying market needs early and their effectiveness in providing solutions. Oasis Security continues on its trajectory of growth, reinforced by a customer base that includes several Fortune 500 companies, and consolidates its position as a market leader in the NHIM security sector.

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