ONO Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd announced it has reached a definitive agreement to acquire Deciphera Pharmaceuticals, Inc., known for cancer-focused drugs and kinase drug discovery, for $2.4 billion. ONO will purchase Deciphera’s outstanding common stock at $25.60 per share in cash, followed by a full merger. Deciphera’s core capabilities lie in R&D and commercial sales within the US and Europe, notably its approved GIST treatment, QINLOCK, as well as promising treatments like vimseltinib and the ULK inhibitor DCC-3116. The deal aims to extend ONO’s oncology range by leveraging combined R&D efforts and expanding its global commercial reach. Deciphera’s president, Steven L. Hoerter, highlighted the merger’s potential to create greater impact for cancer patients and deliver value to shareholders, offering prospects for the team and patients. ONO’s representative director, Gyo Sagara, emphasized the alignment of the companies’ missions and how the acquisition will boost ONO’s oncology portfolio, US and European business development, and kinase drug research. He expressed admiration for Deciphera’s innovative culture and looks forward to the combined organization’s growth.

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