Sudoc, a sustainable chemical company specializing in innovative TAML catalysts, has successfully raised an additional $6 million from Momentum Capital to fuel its global growth strategy and European market entry. Sudoc’s patented technology enhances chemical efficacy in cleaning products and consolidates energy efficiency in water treatment systems. The company, celebrated at Imagine H2O’s Startup Summit, will set up its European office in Amsterdam. Sudoc’s product lines under Dot and Neat brands demonstrate a commitment to environmentally-friendly solutions, aiming to supplant toxic chemical usage with potent, sustainable alternatives. Imagine H2O, leading the support for water sector innovation, foresees Sudoc’s growth as a positive influence on water resource management. Momentum Capital’s investment marks its inaugural venture into water technology, aligning with Sudoc’s vision of harmonizing chemistry with nature—a vision brought to the fore by Sudoc’s CEO Roger Berry and reflected by his team’s execution prowess.

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