Catella Asset Management Oy (Catella), a subsidiary of Catella Real Estate AG, is now the local operating partner for Corum Asset Management in Finland. This new appointment entrusts Catella with administrative and managerial responsibilities over a sizable Finnish real estate portfolio owned by CORUM Origin and CORUM EURION (Corum). The portfolio in question comprises 21 properties, spanning a gross leasable area of 142,000 square meters across Finland, mostly leased to a single tenant on a long-term basis. Senior Asset Manager at Corum, Brian ODonnell, expressed enthusiasm for the value-creating partnership with Catella. On the other side, Robert Karlsson, Managing Director at Catella Asset Management Oy, highlighted Catella’s dedication to meeting Corum’s needs and mentioned the company’s extensive experience in working as a local partner for non-Nordic investors in the Finnish real estate market. With assets under management worth over EUR 14 billion and operations extending to 12 countries, Catella is positioned as a key player in the field of property investments and fund management, managing platforms that require active leasing strategies and timely disposals.

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