RWB Group AG has acquired a stake in the Czech company Phrase, a platform that advances the quality of automated translations. Emphasizing the challenges in accurately translating idioms and culturally-specific phrases, the article posits that the secret to perfect translations lies in localization, accounting for factors such as idiomatic expressions, youth language, wordplays, regional preferences, and topical events. Phrase promises swift and intelligent solutions to these translation challenges. The investment was made indirectly via funds managed by RWB, including RWB International IV, V, VI, VII, and 8, RWB Direct Return II, III, and 4, and RWB Cost Average, all of which are involved through the Carlyle Europe Technology Partners fund manager. The move allows RWB investors to benefit from Phrase’s capabilities, enhancing communications, especially in advertising, by preserving the nuances of the source language.

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