In a pivotal move, 7wireVentures has spearheaded a $17M funding round for GroundGame.Health (GGH), a social impact platform leveraging community engagement to address health inequity. Prior to this investment, GGH merged with SameSky Health (SSH), another portfolio company under 7wireVentures. The merged entity will utilize its combined expertise and technology to scale initiatives enhancing health outcomes, especially for Medicaid beneficiaries facing healthcare accessibility issues and poor service continuity. GroundGame.Health, co-founded by Susan Rawlings Molina and Sri Akula, has a proven track record in delivering health solutions to Medicaid and Medicare-oriented businesses. The company’s hyperlocal strategy has been successful in addressing Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) at scale, and with SSH’s culturally competent communication technology, aims to provide a comprehensive ‘last mile’ solution. The merger is seen as a strategic development in the SDOH arena, creating a robust platform capable of meeting the complex health needs of vulnerable populations. This funding round not only marks a significant expansion of GGH’s capabilities but also reinforces 7wireVentures’ commitment to health equity and trust in healthcare systems.

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