The Riverside Company has successfully completed the acquisition of Arbeidsmiljø og Energiteknikk AS (AET), a Norwegian distributor of consumables and laboratory/cleaning equipment, primarily from RA Service AS and AET’s management. This move is part of a strategic expansion in the Nordics, consolidating Riverside’s European sector position through portfolio company Dastex Reinraumzubehör GmbH & Co. KG. AET, praised for its strong technical expertise, has been operating for over 30 years and is recognized for its key roles in pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, and healthcare markets in Norway. The acquisition aligns with Riverside’s established pan-European growth strategy for Dastex, which focuses on expandability through targeted acquisitions. Barbro Reiersl, AET’s CEO, will maintain leadership of the Norwegian operations to facilitate a smooth integration process and ongoing management stability. Riverside’s strategy emphasizes increased commercial and marketing initiatives within Norway and neighboring Nordic countries to achieve its ambitious objectives, including service range enhancement and fostering synergy for the Dastex group, which now includes Vita Verita. The operational move will focus on harnessing commercial synergies and cross-selling opportunities, with deep value expected from combining AET’s distribution and disinfection services with Dastex’s verification and validation services. Riverside’s effective implementation of its strategic buy-and-build approach is evident through its prior acquisition of Dastex and first add-on Vita Verita earlier in mid-2023, setting the stage for a robust expansion and consolidation in cleanroom contamination control. The article also contains statements from the deal’s leading figures, namely Damien Gaudin, Partner at Riverside, Barbro Reiersl, CEO of AET, Linda Vereycken, CEO of Dastex, and Rune Arnhoff, owner of RA Service AS, expressing confidence and highlighting the anticipated positive impacts of this new alignment.

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