Lazard Asset Management’s Sustainable Private Infrastructure Fund (Lazard SPI Fund), has entered a strategic partnership with RENFIN with the intent to invest in small-scale hydroelectric power plants (SHEPPs) in Italy. Robert Wall, Head of Sustainable Private Infrastructure at LAM, highlights hydropower as an investment due to its prolonged economic lifespan and resistance to technological obsolescence, along with its crucial role in renewable energy. Italy’s terrain and climate present a unique investment opportunity given the fragmented market. RENFIN’s Managing Director, Jan Tonar, expresses confidence in the growth of the company in Italy, citing the partnership with LAM as pivotal for future expansion. The collaboration combines LAM’s financial expertise and RENFIN’s operational experience, targeting SHEPPs for their long-standing reliability and importance in the shift towards renewable energy. The partnership aims to capitalize on the attractive nature of Italy’s geography for hydropower investment. RENFIN, already a major owner and operator of SHEPPs in various key geographies, views this venture as a critical step in its growth strategy, while LAM sees it as a manifestation of its commitment to sustainable investment practices.

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