Gresham House Ventures has announced a £10 million investment into Accredit Solutions, a leading provider of accreditation software for workforce, media, athletes, and officials at major sporting and cultural events. Founded in 2017, Accredit Solutions has experienced swift growth and has garnered an international clientele, including top sports teams, governing bodies, and high-profile events. The investment originates from Gresham House Ventures’ new institutional private equity fund, aimed at supporting growth-oriented companies in the UK and Ireland. The funding will enable Accredit Solutions to further expand and penetrate strategic core markets globally. Accredit Solutions is recognized for its critical role at the intersection of operations, health & safety, security, and IT, particularly amidst global terrorism threats to events. The company’s platform streamlines essential functions while enhancing security, offering features like automated background checks, badge printing, and access control. Peder Berg, CEO of Accredit Solutions, welcomed the investment, emphasizing the opportunity to expand in new markets. Gresham House Ventures, led by investment partners Greg Blin and Trevor Hope, praised the company for its remarkable client base and market position. This move reflects Gresham House Ventures’ commitment to fostering technological advancements within the sports and event industries. With the deal, venture partner Matt Mead will be appointed to Accredit Solutions’ board.

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Gresham House Ventures has invested £10mn in leading event accreditation platform Accredit Solutions