Thintronics Inc., a California-based electronic materials startup specializing in advanced insulators for AI datacenters, networking, and RF/millimeter-wave applications, has successfully closed a $23M Series A financing round. The funding round was co-led by Maverick Capital and Translink Capital, marking a significant vote of confidence in Thintronics’ innovative insulator platform aimed at optimizing and unifying electronic architectures across the industry. CEO Stefan Pastine underscores the product’s ability to outpace current solutions, elevating the insulator to meet near theoretical limits of insulation. Prospective applications include chipsets, switches, and datacenter integrators for contemporary 224G links, with an eye toward future capabilities. Recognizing the end of Moore’s Law, Translink Capital’s Brendan Walsh expressed enthusiasm for the company’s approach to solving electrical performance bottlenecks, underscoring the holistic solution that intersects seamlessly with technology advances. Thintronics stands out for domestically sourcing all components, contributing to the onshoring of advanced packaging technologies in the U.S. Reflective of a strategic alignment, both Maverick and Translink bring to Thintronics the prerequisite experience, network, and market acumen to navigate semiconductor and high-speed digital markets successfully. The company’s technology is poised to enable broader bandwidths, increased power efficiency, and integrated form factors sought after in next-generation computing and communications systems.

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