AEFP Group, a prominent player in the Aerospace & Defense industry, has made a strategic acquisition of Trinity Aerospace, known for its fabrication, assembly, and manufacturing capabilities. With this move, Trinity Aerospace becomes a subsidiary of AEFP Group, enhancing the combined entity’s ability to deliver a more comprehensive suite of aerospace solutions on a global scale. Joe DeMartino, CEO of AEFP Group, highlighted the acquisition as a complementary extension of the group’s existing precision machining and integrated assembly offerings, boosting its North American growth plans. Trinity Aerospace, which counts giants like Airbus and Bombardier among its clientele, will benefit from increased capacity and innovation potential through the merger. The sentiments are echoed by the President of Trinity Aerospace, Kofi Bannerman-Maxwell, who sees the merger as a catalyst for accelerated growth and market expansion. The transaction, shepherded by AEFP Group’s M&A Manager John Mann and Jackson Dunlap of Emko Capital, is expected to not only solidify AEFP Group’s market presence but also enrich its customer value proposition. Emko Capital plays a crucial role in fortifying AEFP Group’s standing as an investment platform leader within the A&D sector. As AEFP Group and Trinity Aerospace venture into this new era, their commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction remains unaltered, backed by Emko Capital’s strategic vision.

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