Ardian, a notable private investment firm, has initiated exclusive talk with HR Path regarding a fundraising effort of unprecedented scale. This move is seen as crucial for HR Path, demonstrating the trust that investors have in the HR platform’s business model, management team, and potential for growth. The capital raised will be allocated to propel the company’s international presence and enhance its services. HR Path has already established its credentials as a human resources consulting leader, providing comprehensive solutions across 22 countries. The company offers end-to-end HR services, from strategic consulting and system implementation to payroll outsourcing. These services are neatly encapsulated in the acronym ‘AIR’—Advise, Implement, and Run. HR Path aims to advance HR functions globally through innovative approaches and by drawing on the expertise of their team. The forthcoming fundraising venture is aligned with HR Path’s strategic long-term aspirations, ensuring market consolidation and added value to clients. President Francois Boulet expresses a shared sentiment of confidence and partnership with Ardian, crediting the firm for their role in HR Path’s growth and their ability to blend local and international expertise. Ardian’s Managing Directors, Arthur De Salins and Marie Arnaud-Battandier, reiterate their belief in the potential of HR Path and express enthusiasm for the joint collaboration, which they predict will open new doors for the company.

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