Bookminders CEO Jessica Minkus was featured on the Better People Podcast, where she discussed the unique remote-first work culture of Bookminders, a company offering outsourced accounting solutions. A pioneer in remote work, Bookminders was founded by Tom Joseph, who developed a business model focused on part-time professional roles for qualified accountants. Minkus highlighted their employee-centric approach, which involves actively soliciting and implementing feedback, leading to high employee retention rates and satisfaction. Minkus also detailed Bookminders’ emphasis on clear and documented work procedures, key to ensuring consistent and reliable service delivery. A significant part of the podcast was dedicated to discussing the newly launched Team Adviser mentorship program, which pairs experienced accountants with newer employees to facilitate professional growth. This program also provides a path for staff to advance to managerial positions without full-time or administrative burdens. Minkus and podcast host Margaret Uhrich also touched upon Bookminders’ commitment to internal promotion, which is integral to their succession planning. Looking forward, Minkus was optimistic about expanding Bookminders’ reach while preserving its culture, highlighting the noncompetitive, flexible, and individualized career options available to employees.

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