Rigetti Computing has announced the launch of the Novera QPU Partner Program, a collaborative ecosystem comprised of hardware, software, and service providers in the quantum computing sphere. This initiative aims to facilitate the development of on-premises, high-performance quantum computers. The Novera QPU is Rigetti’s 9-qubit quantum processing unit built using their fourth generation Ankaa-class architecture. It is manufactured at Fab-1, the first dedicated quantum device manufacturing facility in the industry. The program has enlisted numerous initial partners, including Bluefors, Quantum Machines, Zurich Instruments, Q-CTRL, Strangeworks, Classiq, Horizon Quantum Computing, TreQ, ParTec AG, and Riverlane. Collectively, these companies contribute essential components ranging from cryogenics to control systems, software tools, and integration services, all geared towards ensuring the compatibility and quality of on-premises quantum computing systems. Leveraging over a decade of industry experience and robust partnerships, Rigetti is also focused on empowering customers to pursue their quantum computing research objectives.

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Rigetti Computing Launches the Novera™ QPU Partner Program