Dentsu Group Inc., represented by President and Global CEO Hiroshi Igarashi, under its Japanese operations led by CEO Takeshi Sano, has executed a strategic move to fortify its offerings in the digital transformation (DX) domain with the acquisition of Mitsue-Links Co., Ltd. The purchase was made by DENTSU SOKEN INC., a subsidiary of dentsu Japan, signaling a commitment to elevate dentsu’s position as an Integrated Growth Partner (IGP). Dentsu Japan operates as one of the four principal global regions of Dentsu Group Inc., which boasts the world’s largest single brand agency through Dentsu Inc., with around 23,000 professionals. These experts deliver a broad range of solutions including sophisticated advertising communications (AX), overall business transformation (BX), customer experience transformation (CX), and marketing infrastructure transformation (DX). With this move, dentsu Japan aims to provide enhanced solutions that contribute to the sustainable growth of client companies while also working towards the sustainable development of society.

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