Response Plus Medical (RPM), part of Response Plus Holding PJSC and a preeminent player in the pre-hospital care and emergency medical services sector, has completed the takeover of Prometheus Medical from Safeguard Medical. Prometheus, based in the UK and operating extensively, including in the Nordic region and the UAE, will now be rebranded under RPM’s umbrella. This acquisition supports RPM’s vision to expand its service diversity and geographical footprint. Prometheus’s legacy in providing top-tier medical training in combat situations and to esteemed institutions enhances RPM’s portfolio. Through this acquisition, RPM acquires distribution rights for Safeguard Medical’s medical kits in the GCC and India, signaling a significant market penetration. Dr. Rohil Raghavan, CEO of Response Plus Holding, envisions this move as a keystone in RPM’s global journey, enabling expanded sectoral reach and market competence. With Steven Wines becoming CEO of what will be known as Prometheus Medical International, and Prof. Richard Lyon appointed as Chief Medical Officer, the expanded group is poised for advancement in commercial and military medical services. Successful integration promises comprehensive emergency medical training, VIP concierge medical services, and innovative emergency products. RPM also eyes service diversification in the energy sector, leveraging new expertise. RPM’s growth trajectory, marked by its significant presence as the largest provider of various medical emergency services in the UAE and listing as a global micro-cap company on the FTSE GEIS, coupled with Prometheus Medical’s elite casualty care training portfolio, heralds a formidable presence in the emergency healthcare market.

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