UniWyo Credit Union has successfully completed a merger with Reliant Federal Credit Union in the third quarter of 2023, growing its assets to over $700 million and increasing its membership to 57,000. This positions UniWyo as the second-largest credit union in Wyoming. The successful merger was largely enabled by both credit unions’ long-term relationships with Jack Henry, a company known for providing financial institutions with technology solutions. The use of Jack Henry’s open and scalable platforms facilitated a trouble-free data conversion and integration process, allowing for immediate efficiency gains post-merger. UniWyo CEO Dave Krause praised Jack Henry’s critical role in the seamless data conversion which avoided common merger-related pitfalls such as data loss, security issues, and inefficiencies. Going forward, Jack Henry’s enterprise-wide approach to technology is expected to support UniWyo as it considers further growth through additional mergers and acquisitions. Shanon McLachlan, president of Credit Union Solutions at Jack Henry, also underscored the importance of strong relationships and advanced technology in ensuring the smooth transition for both the business and its members during mergers. Overall, this strategic merger between UniWyo and Reliant Federal Credit Union serves as a significant milestone for UniWyo’s history and future growth trajectory.

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