Daxtra, a leading provider of artificial intelligence-enriched software for talent acquisition, has officially acquired Indianapolis-based PivotCX, recognized for its talent acquisition and HR communications technology. This move incorporates PivotCX into the Daxtra Group, intending to integrate PivotCX’s offerings into Daxtra’s existing suite of solutions. The acquisition aligns Daxtra’s advanced AI-driven candidate insight tools with PivotCX’s innovative approach to communicative interactions, promising to create a potent platform that enhances how talent acquisition teams connect with potential candidates. Daxtra’s global presence, alongside PivotCX’s skill in facilitating rapid and personalized communication with candidates, holds the potential to revolutionize hiring workflows, promoting quicker candidate outreach and elevating the recruitment experience overall. By uniting these complementary strengths, Daxtra and PivotCX aim to arm recruiters with technology that not only streamlines finding and contacting the right candidates swiftly but also enhances candidate and hiring manager engagement, ultimately influencing time to engagement and conversion rates beneficially. Daxtra CEO Terry Baker emphasizes the importance of exceptional candidate experiences in the modern recruitment landscape, a sentiment echoed by Howard Bates, CEO and co-founder of PivotCX, who expresses excitement over the combination with Daxtra to continue advancing recruitment solutions. Although the financial terms of the transaction have not been disclosed, the deal was completed on April 24, 2024, signaling the start of a concerted push towards innovation in hiring practices that is anticipated to yield significant benefits for customers.

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