zvoove, a leading figure in the digitalization of the temporary employment and facility services sectors within Europe, has announced the acquisition of DirectSkills, a key player in managing external personnel for the temp sector in France. This move marks zvoove’s initial strategic foray into the French market, reinforcing their leadership position in temporary employment services in Europe. Already established as the market leader in Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Austria, zvoove delivers unparalleled digitization solutions and services to temporary agencies and professional clients, harnessing Software as a Service (SaaS) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). With DirectSkills under its belt, the company expands its reach to the significant and growing French interim market. Oliver Muhr, CEO of zvoove, hails the acquisition as emblematic of the company’s commitment to extend its presence across main European markets, citing DirectSkills’ substantial market share in France and its capacity to manage over €3 billion in billing on its platform. The French temp market, one of the largest in Europe, witnesses DirectSkills handle about 300,000 temporary workers annually and processes approximately €2 billion in annual wages through its platform. DirectSkills’ software solutions focus on self-billing features that digitize and automate key processes between client companies and interim suppliers. For DirectSkills, this acquisition is seen as a significant growth and market expansion engine. François Chauvin, CEO and founder, expresses enthusiasm for the partnership with zvoove, recognizing it as an opportunity to accelerate development and enrich their service offerings. This strategic endeavor is poised to provide DirectSkills with necessary resources and support for expansion while showcasing zvoove’s dedication to innovation and delivering unmatched solutions to the global temp industry. zvoove is recognized for its cloud solutions for temporary employment agencies and cleaning service providers across Europe. Through complete digitalization, zvoove is enhancing the job market by providing more employment offers and career opportunities, while supplying companies with a reliable workforce. With about 5,500 clients reliant on zvoove’s services, the company processes over 2.3 million workers, manages a €17 billion annual payroll, and deals with two million applications yearly through its platforms. zvoove’s workforce consists of over 600 employees at 17 locations, ensuring their role as a reliable partner for agencies and service providers by offering cutting-edge solutions to meet their evolving needs. DirectSkills, as France’s leading VMS, offers unmatched capabilities for companies to efficiently manage their temporary workforce. By nullifying billing and contracting errors, ensuring regulatory compliance, and markedly decreasing administrative burdens, DirectSkills enables clients to concentrate on their core activities. With over 300 clients and 90,000 end-users, the company processes €3 billion in annual billing.

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