zvoove, the market leader in digitalisation solutions for temporary staffing and cleaning services in Europe, has acquired DirectSkills, a prominent provider of External Workforce Management solutions in France. This acquisition, zvoove’s first in France, significantly strengthens its European presence, affirming its dominance in the temporary staffing sector. CEO Oliver Muhr emphasized the strategic nature of the acquisition, highlighting DirectSkills’ impressive market penetration and the combined potential for driving innovation within the temp staffing ecosystem. DirectSkills, which aligns with nearly all French temporary employment agencies and oversees significant invoice volumes, is poised for accelerated growth through this deal. Its advanced self-billing and self-invoicing software services prestigious European companies and manages critical staffing processes. The collaboration pledges enhanced value for clients and a reaffirmation of zvoove’s commitment to global industry leadership. zvoove, as a cloud solutions provider, optimizes staffing processes through digitalisation, enhancing efficiency and competitive advantage. It has cultivated trust from a vast customer base and manages significant workforce numbers and payroll volumes across Europe. DirectSkills, similarly, stands as France’s leading VMS provider, excelling in temporary workforce management for corporates, prioritizing error minimization, regulatory compliance, and administrative efficiency.

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