Treefera, a trailblazing AI-enabled data management platform in the EnviroTech sector, has successfully secured £9.6 million in Series A funding from venture capital firm AlbionVC. Founded by theoretical physicist and ex-J.P. Morgan managing director Jonathan Horn, and former UiPath chief customer officer Caroline Grey, Treefera’s mission is to transform the commercial landscape for nature-based solutions by providing unprecedented transparency and accuracy in asset reporting. The platform utilizes cutting-edge AI algorithms in combination with comprehensive satellite, drone, and ground truth data to offer continuous monitoring, and risk evaluation, targeting the complex regulatory needs for environmental and supply chain compliance. Treefera’s revolutionary approach promises instantaneous insights and detailed assurances on commodity provenance, deforestation risks, carbon credits, and overall supply chain sustainability. This capability positions Treefera uniquely within the EnviroTech 50 – UK’s selection of innovative green tech pioneers of the year. Treefera’s clientele includes a broad array of eco-conscious stakeholders such as project developers, carbon market participants, bioenergy firms, and supply chain companies, and covers over 500 registered forest projects and harvesting sites. Since its September launch, Treefera has met the high demand for instant, comprehensive nature-based data insights, as expressed by CEO Horn. The company not only purports to solve significant transparency issues in environmental reporting but also aspires to aid businesses in their transition towards a net zero future. For AlbionVC, the investment was a testament to the team’s vision and execution prowess, as acknowledged by investment director Paul Lehair. The firm is confident that Treefera is on its way to becoming a generational company poised to tackle humanity’s gravest environmental challenges.

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AlbionVC backs EnviroTech Treefera with £9.6m