Flare, an AI-driven Threat Exposure Management leader, announced the strategic hiring of renowned cybersecurity expert Jason Haddix as its Field CISO. Haddix, with a prestigious 20-year track record including roles at Arcanum Information Security, Buddobot, Ubisoft, Bugcrowd, HP, and Redspin, brings a well-regarded industry presence and extensive experience to Flare. As a Field CISO, he will influence Flare’s security initiatives, product vision, and engagements within the cybersecurity community, underlining Flare’s commitment to superior security standards and threat management. Flare’s CEO, Norman Menz, expressed enthusiasm about Haddix’s ability to propel the company’s expansion and recognition in the industry. Haddix’s affiliation with Flare is anticipated to advance its mission to dominate the Cyber Threat Exposure Management domain while maintaining his role at Arcanum. Flare specializes in scanning and addressing cyber threats, leveraging AI for real-time analysis and preemptive solutions that span both the clear and dark web.

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