Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, a leading biotechnology company known for developing transformative medicines for serious diseases, has partnered with Mammoth Biosciences in a bold move to pioneer in vivo CRISPR-based gene editing therapies. Named among the project’s leaders is Christos Kyratsous, Ph.D., who believes that combining Regeneron’s AAV and antibody engineering with Mammoth’s ultracompact gene editing technology could overcome current delivery barriers faced by genetic treatments. Mammoth Biosciences, a biotech firm co-founded by Nobel laureate Jennifer Doudna, has brought to the table a decade of expertise in CRISPR and aims to enhance genetic medicine delivery to tissues beyond the liver. The collaboration’s financial contours include a $100 million upfront and equity investment by Regeneron, with Mammoth potentially receiving another $370 million in milestone payments per target, along with royalties from future sales. This partnership is set to expand the horizons of gene editing applications, offering hope in addressing more diseases and potentially benefiting a larger patient population.

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