Digital Currency Group (DCG) has strategically appointed Aimie Killeen as its new Chief Legal Officer (CLO), beginning May 1, signaling reinforcements to its legal and corporate governance as the company navigates through significant legal challenges. Killeen, with her rich background from Billtrust, will bring valuable expertise to DCG, especially in managing mergers and acquisitions, compliance, and legal operations. Her previous experience at Billtrust consisted of forging legal strategies to persevere in stringent regulatory environments, effectively guiding the company through various legal hurdles. Killeen’s tenure as a senior associate at Ashurst, a global general counsel at DirectCash, and subsequently an executive vice president at CardTronics—after its acquisition of DirectCash Payments—further highlights her extensive international legal experience and ability to work through complex market challenges. DCG’s CEO Barry Silbert praised Killeen’s extensive experience and global outlook, considering her a vital asset for the company’s strategic objectives, such as advancing the company amidst the industry’s rapid changes and the aftermath of its subsidiary Genesis’ bankruptcy. Killeen is expected to enhance DCG’s international legal and compliance operations, ensuring international legal matters and regulatory issues across different jurisdictions are dutifully managed and align with global legal norms.

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