W Energy, a prominent developer of cloud-based platforms designed for the energy sector, announced the appointment of Rohit Chhabra as Chief Product and Technology Officer (CPTO). With over a quarter-century of expertise in leading product and technology initiatives, Rohit is expected to be instrumental in propelling W Energy’s software solutions to greater heights. His past tenure as Chief Product Officer at Omnigo Software is just a pinnacle in a long history of enhancing enterprise value through growth, differentiation, and innovation. Armed with an MBA and a B.S. in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, Rohit is set to marry his vast experience with his new role to bolster the company’s commitment to providing advanced, integrative technology aids to energy organizations. Alongside his corporate commitments, Rohit serves on the board of the JDRF, South Florida Chapter. W Energy, based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, continues to shape the future of oil and gas operations via its innovative platform that offers comprehensive solutions for the industry’s evolving needs.

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